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N35200 Serio Larĝa Gama Alt-Potenca Dudirekta Programebla DC-Ektroprovizo
N35200 Serio Larĝa Gama Alt-Potenca Dudirekta Programebla DC-Ektroprovizo
N35200 Serio Larĝa Gama Alt-Potenca Dudirekta Programebla DC-Ektroprovizo
N35200 Serio Larĝa Gama Alt-Potenca Dudirekta Programebla DC-Ektroprovizo

N35200 Serio Larĝa Gama Alt-Potenca Dudirekta Programebla DC-Ektroprovizo

N35200 series is a wide range high-power bidirectional programmable DC power supply that integrates both power supplyand feedback load functions. N35200 adopts dual quadrant design, which can supply&absorb the power, and return powerto the grid cleanly, so as to save the power consumption and reduce the space heat dissipation, which can greatly reducethe test cost. N35200 has a wide range of measuring applications, with single power range of 6kW to 180kW, current rangeup to 1200A, voltage range up to 1500V, and master-slave parallel expansion power up to 1.8MW. N35200 series provideshigh precision measurement and multiple testing functions, which can be widely used in new energy, automotive, energystorage, semiconductor, photovoltaic, electric drive and other industries.

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ĉefa Elstaraĵoj
  • Single Device Range: voltage 0~1500V, current ±1200A, power ±6kW~±180kW

  • Subtenu paralelan reĝimon de majstro/sklavo, etendita potenco ĝis 1.8MW

  • Two quadrants seamless switching, the current between the DUT and the grid flow bidirectional

  • Tensia precizeco 0.02% FS, nuna precizeco 0.1% FS

  • Subtena bateria ŝarĝo/malŝarĝo-testo

  • Regenera DC-ŝarĝa funkcio, reago-efikeco ĝis 95%

  • CC/CV prioritata elekta funkcio, alĝustigebla tensio¤t slew rate

  • Internal resistance simulation function, output timing function, voltage output ramp function

  • Multiple protection functions, OVP, UVP, ±OCP, ±OPP, OTP, power failure protection

  • LAN port and RS232 interface as standard, GPIB, CAN, RS485 and USB as optional

  • Subtena funkcio de simulado de kurba PV-matrico IV (laŭvola)

  • Equipped with high-voltage isolation digital & analog, and monitoring interfaces

Aplikaj Kampoj
  • Laboratorio, produktadlinio ATE aŭtomata testsistemo

  • Photovoltaic inverter, hydrogen fuel cell, solar cell matrix and other new energy fields

  • High-power energy storage, UPS, micro grid inverter and other energy storage applications

  • BOBC, DC-DC, motor drive, automotive electronics and other automotive fields

  • Semiconductor and components, laser, high power LED and other semiconductor testing fields

  • Communication equipment, UAV, aerospace electronics, welding/electroplating, etc

  • Charge and discharge test of power battery, lead storage battery and super capacitor

Funkcioj kaj Avantaĝoj

Dudirekta Fluo, Kombinas Potencon kaj Reago-Ŝarĝtrajtojn

N35200 series combines power and feedback load features. DC Sourcecan not only provide external power, but also absorb power, and returnelectric energy to the grid cleanly. N35200 series bidirectional powersupply can be converted continuously seamlessly between the outputand absorbed current, effectively avoiding voltage or current overshoot.It is widely used in power battery, UPS, battery protection board andother energy storage equipment testing.


Vasta gamo de eligo-dezajno

N35200 series bidirectional DC power supply adopts a wide range design.A single power supply can output a wider range of voltage and current underthe rated output power, satisfying engineers' test application scenarios forproducts of various voltage/current levels, and greatly reducing power costand space occupancy in laboratory or automated test systems.


CC&CV prioritata funkcio

N35200 series has the function of setting voltage loop feedback circuit priority or current loop feedback circuit priority, it canadopt the optimal working mode for testing according to the characteristics of DUT, so as to better protect DUT.As shown in Figure 1, when need to reduce voltage overshootduring testing, the voltage priority mode should be used inorder to obtain a fast and smooth rising voltage.As shown in Figure 2, when need to reduce current overshootduring testing, the current priority mode should be used toobtain a fast and smooth rising current.


Mastro/sklava dezajno, oportuna por potenca ekspansio

N35200 can be used independently or in master/slave parallel operation. It has built-in master/slave mode, and the Max.power can be expanded to 1.8MW. It adopts a unique current sharing design to ensure each module shares the loadequally and ensure the consistency of product use.



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