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N1200 Series Ĉela Tensia Monitoro
N1200 Series Ĉela Tensia Monitoro
N1200 Series Ĉela Tensia Monitoro
N1200 Series Ĉela Tensia Monitoro

N1200 Series Ĉela Tensia Monitoro

N1200 series cell voltage monitor is specially developed by NGI for fuel cell R&D and production. It is with compact size,high integration, high reliability and fast data transmission. N1200 standalone supports up to 200 channels. More channelscan be tested simultaneously under cascade mode. Voltage acquisition ranges are from -5V to +5V, which completelycovers the voltage range of fuel cell. Real-time voltage data of total 200 channels can be uploaded within 50ms by adopting100M Ethernet communication.

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●Voltage acquisition range: -2.5V~+2.5V, -3V~+3V,-5V~+5V

●Voltage acquisition accuracy : 1mV, 2mV

●High integration, standalone with up to 200 channels

●Fast data transmission, within 50ms for total 200 channels transmission

●100M Ethernet komunikado

●Easy system integration, supporting standard Modbus protocol, convenient for integration into PLC and othercontrol systems

●Compact size, standard 19-inch 1U, convenient for rack installation

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●Fuel cell voltage monitoring

●Battery cell voltage monitoring

Funkcioj kaj Avantaĝoj

Memstara subtenanta 200 kanalojn de tensiomonitorado

N1200 CVM integrates 200 channels in a 19-inch 1U standard chassis. For more channel testing requirements, multiple sets of N1200 can be used for simultaneous testing, which not only saves space for customers, but also improves convenience.

Tempo de ĝisdatigo de datumoj de 200 kanaloj 50 ms

The ultra-fast sampling speed of N1200 and the fast transmission speed make the time from acquisition to update of 200 channels data up to 50ms.


Precizeco de akiro de tensio ĝis 1mV

N1200 CVM uses a stable detection circuit to measure the voltage of fuel cell with an accuracy of up to ±1mV,enabling real-time high-accuracy voltage detection of single fuel cell. The temperature coefficient is as low as 50ppm/℃, and the error caused by every ten degrees Celsius does not exceed 0.05%, which enables N1200 to maintain high precision in application.

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